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I do weekly live drawing demonstrations at the South Mall, Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport under the auspices of the Airport Foundation. You may already be familiar with the airport's musicians, but I am the first visual artist to "perform"!

Due to the pandemic and reduced air travel, performances have been reduced but we look forward to getting back up to a full schedule during the year.

Most of the images in this gallery were made during January - mid-March, 2020. Many need slight adjustments to finish them off, as drawing in the airport environment does not lend itself to the kind of reflection provided by a quiet studio.

The art performances bring a calming and welcoming presence to the hectic and stressful environment experienced by most air travelers. Did you know that on average 34,000 people are screened through TSA at MSP every day? In 2018, more than 38 million passengers traveled through the airport.

I love meeting people and hearing their questions, stories of their art experiences and recent travel adventures, and look forward to performing more often as the pandemic gets under control.