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Wolves (Calling the Pack)
Wolves (Calling the Pack)
Charcoal & pastel on paper
40" x 30"

I had been thinking about wolves a lot recently. While working at the Minnesota Zoo last fall carving art pumpkins, the wolves would howl and bark from their nearby enclosure. Their barking was especially loud on the first Wednesday of the month during civil defense siren tests. The tone and volume of the sirens must have resonated with their own howls.

Several travelers spoke with me about their personal encounters with wolves while I was drawing, as well as their respect for the animals and disdain for wolf hunts. Wolves have been recently delisted from the the federal endangered and threatened species list, and as a result several states have held wolf hunting seasons. More than 2,500 wolves live in Minnesota, which is the largest number outside of Alaska.

Coincidentally, a traveler I spoke with was on his way to Yellowstone for a wolf-sighting adventure. It was a second such trip for him and his daughter, and he suggested the title "Calling the Pack" for this drawing.